Systems Engineering

An Integral part of your day!

“Systems engineering is a robust approach to the design, creation, and operation of systems. In simple terms, the approach consists of identification and quantification of system goals, creation of alternative system design concepts, performance of design trades, selection and implementation of the best design, verification that the design is properly built and integrated, and post-implementation assessment of how well the system meets (or met) the goals.”

— NASA Systems engineering handbook.

In today’s increasingly complex technical environment, Apogee understands the need to have a mastery of our clients’ challenging systems. At Apogee, Systems Engineering is not a separate team or initiative. It is a fundamental part of each of our core Aerospace, Network, Software, Modeling & Simulation, and Geospatial Analysis team methodologies. Before any of our teams start a project or analytic exercise, we apply the 7-task approach associated with Systems Engineering:

  • State and understand the problem
  • Investigate alternatives
  • Model the system
  • Integrate
  • Launch the system
  • Assess performance
  • Re-evaluate

Our approach to implementing the systems engineering process is not sequential: the tasks are performed in a parallel and iterative manner to maximize customer interaction, requirements refinement, and project success.

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